Poem #2

after the movie
in the parking lot
dude and boss lady smoked,
i leaned against the back
of his car

in the car
they talked of next year. 
i thought of enlistment

nirvana played twice
I sat on the roof 
as they 

at Dennys
boss lady's eyes asked me
if i had locked the car door
i thought of ghosts 
as she slipped on her
black hoodie 

the waitress
asked if i wanted anything
i shook my head no

off she goes
until she returns

what now? 

she asked 
for her cigarette back
dude removed the
from his coat
the gun 
was still 

from the bar
a drunken man 
spits proverbs
'"all i need is to drink beer 
ride bikes 
chase broads"

i made a note of that
and folded the placemat
into my pocket


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