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Poem #2

after the movie
in the parking lot dude and boss lady smoked, i leaned against the back of his car
in the car they talked of next year.  i thought of enlistment
nirvana played twice and  I sat on the roof  as they  talked
at Dennys boss lady's eyes asked me if i had locked the car door i thought of ghosts  as she slipped on her black hoodie 
the waitress asked if i wanted anything i shook my head no
off she goes until she returns
what now? 
she asked  for her cigarette back dude removed the notyetstolen ashtray from his coat and  the gun  was still  smoking
from the bar a drunken man  spits proverbs '"all i need is to drink beer  ride bikes  and  chase broads"
i made a note of that and folded the placemat into my pocket

Poem #1

white male. 18.  shaved head. faded khakis black boots steal toed chain running from wallet to pocket
i sat  against a wall. crosslegged bored.  too uninspired to dream
black male. 17.  blue jeans low hanging.  crisp white shoes silver chain hanging from neck to waste hair short ruffled dude notices me and  approaches. 
standing at my feet he  asks with  bold wide eyes expecting  an  answer
"are you  a skinhead?"
i took off my shoe and looked at  the bottom  of my foot
"what are you doing?"
he asked half-turned to  makeabreakforit"
"this morning i pulled off a  blister i wanted to see if it  healed.  whatareyoudoing?"

Joker / Harley Quinn Painting: Gesso is Important

I found a set of cheap canvases at a distant Walmart. The canvas was course and had a difficult time taking on paint. I didn't think much of it until I realized how time-consuming the painting was becoming. I picked up some Gesso for the first time this week and gave it a shot.

Whats Gesso?
Gesso is a thin paint-like substance that everybody but me knew to use as a base coat on canvases.

It's a whole new process. The paint moves more and blends better.
Somehow, I remember painting like this last over a year ago.

Here's Joker...