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I Am Legend (2007) How to Regulate Unstable Realities

Reality is substance and significance shaped through time, narrative and exchange. A world exists! exhaustively populated by things and people. Small things and large things. Parasites and elephants. Each ordered and regulated by a peoples need for a minimal exchange. Quid Pro Quo. A dollar for a sandwich. and a sandwich for a dollar. But what is a sandwich? A couple slice of bread hugging meat and mayo. A set of object, each their own unique significance. Bread. Meat. Cheese. Mayo. Separate concepts conjoined and wrapped into something more than just a compound word. Sandwich, in so far that it is a thing and idea, is also a condensation. The individual uniqueness of a Sandwich's parts becomes collateral to its summarization. That thing we eat. Reality is an assemblage of parts. Shattered, expanded and folded over. Chasing entropy, yet needing a reformation of significance's totality. Or, a re-conjoining. An exchanging or blending of parts. Reassigned for an eventual re-exc