Dear Zombies: Big Announcement!

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Dear Zombies, 

A couple minutes ago I launched a Patreon page! Wait you mean there are even more ways to give me money? Well, it's not really about that. I've always had the goal to make enough money from blogging to offset the cost of the movies and books I purchase that help me create content for this blog. After 4 years of google adsense I have made 23$, for the amount of blood and sweat I've put into writing such a low return is abolishes my self-esteem. So what is Well, its a way for creators like me to ditch the ads and crowdsource my blog. 

What I am hoping to do is use Patreon as a hub for all the content I'm creating, some of which does not find its way on to this blog, and make it easier for more zombies like you to find me. 

Also, I have no clue if people on the internet are reading or enjoying my blog. We live in a world were very few comment, and I know the way I write can be intimidating. But those are the words needed for the given situation. What Patreon will hopefully help with is interacting with readers, and to help me feel less alone. Writing is about communication, and if I have received less than 30 comments on 300 posts in 4 years then I am heavily dominating the conversation, and I'd like to make way for feedback. 

I will be shifting these "dear zombies" posts to patreon, I've always considered them behind the scenes and process notes. 

There is no learning without feedback. 

Also, the first person to become a patron of 5 dollars or more will get an unopen bluray horror movie of their choosing. (From the stack of movies I'm planning to use in raffles.) 

Best Regards


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