Dear Zombies: I hate Emails.

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I hate how savagely an email can ravage my mind. Thoughts of counter attacks and chess move ping pong my mind. Weaving insidious revenge stress. Boiling demands for justice. Oceans of hatred. Fabricated enemies leveling up to nemeses.

Reason. Is this such a big deal? Some email? Some strings of code weaving through the nether. Should I care? Be bothered? Even after gathering the thoughts of existential fruitlessness. I am still sleepless. Tossing across the pillows. Restless.

I hate that just an email can sour a day, and unsettles my focus so that the bare essentials of life and leisure become tainted. Permeating the distance between work life and home life. An over arching thought raping the boundaries between public and private.

Without boundaries, the weight of the world is crushing. How is it that my mind can be so strong, so unflinching about some things and warped by some haphazard words?

I wonder if the problem is humanity? The unintentionality of the civilian. Purposelessly meandering. Lacking a sense of mission they seek to check off lists, and dot eyes independent of moral grounding. These unfocused actions disrupt those with a sense of duty. Displace purpose with the need to complete tasks. Check off boxes.


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