What Is the Biggest Problem With Horror Today? Answer: Anyone Can Make A Movie.

I love getting fan mail or emails about cool films, events, and ideas. But the emails I don't know what to do with are messages that appear to be Copy & Pasted. I don't like to be spammed. No one does.I know it's hard to get the word out about a new product. But it is important to do your market research. This is not to say that every promo email is lame. Some emails have introduced me to some amazing projects. Unfortunately, not all horror is created equal. Today, I will attempt to unclog Andrew Plunger's latrine. Let's begin with the email.

A couple weeks ago I received this message:
Hey! I just came out with a horror short film called "Creepy Clown." It's about a girl who is looking for her lost dog. And she is being stalked by a murderous clown in a dark forest. This is based on true events about the clown sightings that happened back in September. The short is six minutes long and is very creepy and atmospheric and I think it is something that would benefit your blog. Here's the link: 

Most of the time I ignore these emails. This time I clicked. And found myself confronted a short film that not just lacked originally but lacked basic film skills.

The problem with horror today is any idiot with an iPhone can record a video and put it on the internet. The barrier to entry is so low that the film world becomes clogged daily with filmic bile. Consider the film above. Case in point.

Creepy Clown? Is this the best title that you can come up with? And what do you mean based on a true story? There is no story here. Not in the film, and definitely not connected to real world events. Creepy Clown is as based on clown sights as it is based on the circus. Besides the creepiness of the clown sightings was rooted in the unknown. The clowns were creepy not because they stabbed people but because they didn't fit in and played on a kind of sinister mystery. There is no mystery in this film. And what is left of the tension, created by the clown stalking his victims, is undermined by the film's score that clashes with the mood of the images. Ambient noise with a somber and brooding feeling would have meshed better tempo of the imagery.

Decades ago terrible films were made, just as they are uploaded on the internet today.terrible. But in the past, the cost of production and filming had prerequisites. If you wanted to make a movie you had to raised the money or prove to someone that your movie idea was worth being brought into the world. Often time this meant directors, actors and those involved in the movie had not only the will to make a movie but actual talent often times backed up by academic studies in film. Movie making wasn't always something you did just because you had a camera.

Pro Tip: Please learn the basics. Learning the fundamentals is the only way you are going to create a film that matters. Also, when you are marketing your film research your market. I am not a typical blogger. I interrogate, dismember, and eviscerate.

You asked for this blog post. 

Comrade, I bet you are a little frustrated by now. Don't worry, let me show you something to make you feel better.


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