Open Letter to President Trump - An Offer You Shouldn't Refuse

Open Letter to President Trump,

You represent the worst society has to offer. Not only has the democratic process been destroyed beyond all recognition but you have inspired a hate not seen since Hitler. You've given the country's idiots permission to let lose the full brunt of their bigotry. You've turned back the clock on women, LGBTQ, and human rights. And you did so haphazardly, for the lulz. But I am hopeful, I'd like to think you'd agree, preventing Hitler-like behavior is a good idea. I'd like to make you an offer. But first, let me tell you how you broke my heart today.

This morning I read a Facebook post. A friend described a situation where her husband was stopped by the police. He was on his way to the laundromat to meet his wife (my friend) and the police stopped him to ask if he had any drugs on him and to see his documentation.

My friend is an Army veteran who served her country and was honorably discharged. She is a faithful wife and mother of two children. She works in the veteran's community. The husband works hard to put bread on the table for his children. There was no cause for the police to stop him. Nor the hundred of others being accosted by police.

Part of me wants to be awestruck at the transition from Chiraqi to Chi-Palestine. The other part understands the seemingly counterintuitive function behind your hate.

Moody cartoon characters, such as yourself, need to stir up controversy and bully others to fulfill the minimal of self-esteem required to get out of bed in the morning. I'd like to help support you in your time of need. And based on your behavior that you have at least one (probably more than one mental health diagnosis) and are in desperate need of mental health services

I'd like to offer my services as a professional social worker and provide you with the therapy you desperately need. We can begin treatment as soon as possible. Please do no wait to the last moment. We need to treat you before you slit this countries wrists.

I am offering my services for free for the duration of your time in office.

Please use the contact box above to send me a message and we can arrange for your first session.


United States Navy Veteran
Aviation Boatswain's Mate 3rd Class
Masters of Social Work


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