Cthulhu - Adorable Cat Moment #10 PTSD Cat

After snoozing alarm for an hour, I feel asleep. Lost to the darkness, I found myself in a nightmare. Full of dread, I woke up sweating and found Cthulhu calming walking across my chest. Pacing, turning, and finally plopping down to rest on my abdomen. And even though I knew Cthulhu was planning to kill me. The small comforts had a soothing effect. 

Services dogs are all the rave among those with PTSD. While there are training classes, and organizations to get a dog to the point where they can be named a service dog, there are no official certifying bodies. Honestly, the officialness of service dogs is about as official as becoming a minister through a website. I say all this not to bash service dogs, but to make the point that there isn't much to a dog becoming a service dog. This begs the question, why not service cat? 

Cats are hunters. And like many veteran's they are hypervigilant, highly agile and trained to kill. I think it is about time to recognized cats as service animals. 

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