Cthulhu - Adorable Cat Moment #1

I am starting a new series of adorable cat moments. Because, why? I have not found a smooth place to insert Cthulhu into Interrogating Ideology. My plan, keep it simple. Showcase adorable Cthulhu moments and update you whatever requires an update.  Eventually, I will create a tab above to catalog Cthulhu posts and provide a brief history of the critter from the deep. My hope is that this scheme will get me back into a habit of writing more frequently and combat some of the symptomology that I have been experiencing. This week is challenging. I am having difficulty sleeping and maintaining focus. My irritability levels are climbing daily.

I dream of the weekend. 
UPDATE: I am working on a post exploring the nature and interpretation of violence through Final Destination and the Columbine Massacre. I am reading Columbine and I am awestruck at the failure of the media to report an accurate story, and how the rush to trauma may be a kind of cultural PTSD avoiding the full traumatic brunt of inaccessible rationale.

Luckily you have arrived at the only place on the internet where horror meets reality and is punctuated by cat videos. Welcome to the internet.

Now the main attraction

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