Adventures of Cthulhu: Sleeping Feasts

Cthulhu sleeps like she owns the place. Curled on my bed, couch or kitchen table. Silently, dreaming about eating villagers and clawing to death small children.

I rescued Cthulhu in Oct 2016 in the middle of a very difficult time. My morale at work was in a downswing. Life spiraled into disarray and beg for me to join in the despair. I couldn't focus. I had difficulty reading or watching movies. Sleep only became predictable with medication. I was seeking change.
I needed something that moved in my apartment that made me feel less alone. I googled and thought about a wide variety of critters. Rodents, lizards, fish, ferrets and others. Cats were not an option because I knew I was allergic and hated the cats from my childhood.

A moment came where I realized that I wanted a real pet. Something more interactive than a fish, or plant or gerbil. I wandered youtube seeking information about what cats like as pets and after about a week of research made the decision to check out the shelter.

Cthulhu is a silly creature. Part hunter, part shit machine, part acrobat. Always curiously and periodically available to cuddle on her terms.


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