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Cat Bath Challenge?! The Power of the Deep Compels You!

Dear readers, I think it may be time for a kittie exorcism. Based on my limited cat knowledge and googling I’ve learned that bathing a cat a couple times a year may help with my allergies. I understand this is a dangerous and drastic step. I’ll be risking my own life to purify the dander. But I’ve tried all the basic steps. I cleaned. I've combed. I've mopped. I even bought an air purifier. Nothing is working! New strategies are in order. I may have to risk my life and give Cthulhu a bath...

Interview With Anthony J. Stanton Author of Once Bitten Twice Die

Tell us everything about Once Bitten, Twice Die!

My name is Antony J. Stanton. I am the author of the exciting new bestselling post-apocalyptic gothic horror series, 'The Blood of the Infected'. Book one from the trilogy, "Once Bitten, Twice Die", was released on Amazon in Nov 2015. Book three is due for publication in time for Halloween 2016. I am a long-term fan of dark literature, but I am also keen on realism in literature and film, good story telling and intelligent writing. I believe the audience should not be treated like a fool. If the author takes short-cuts then he is insulting his readers. Hence I came to the genre with a different angle, breathing a new lease of life into it and turning it on its head. It's hard for me to know if I got it right, but results so far seem to suggest that I did. I'll let you be the judge, if you dare.

Unboxing The Horror Block - January 2017

Good day comrades. Today, I received my second HorrorBlock! Watch as I make a box open. Ta Da! HorrorBlock is subscription service that sends you a box of horror stuff every month. Personally, I love getting creepy presents every month. Check out the video below and be prepared for adorable demons and zombies!


Cthulhu and Me - Goonies Never Say die


Interview with Dobromir Harrison author of Rachel

Tell me about yourself? Why do you write? 
I'm a horror writer who was born in Bulgaria, grew up in the UK, lived in Japan for 11 years, and recently moved to Northern California. So I've been around!
I've been reading horror stories since I was a teenager, and I've always been drawn to stories from the perspective of monsters. I love to get inside a character's head, and see even the worst person in a sympathetic way. I also love the diversity in fiction, and reading and writing about characters who are very different to myself, a straight white man!
My love of travel and exploring different cultures gives my stories a powerful sense of place, and that's usually where my ideas come from. "Rachel", for example, was all about conveying what it was like to be a foreigner living in Tokyo, and to get across my love of the city and country.

Adventures of Cthulhu: Sleeping Feasts

Cthulhu sleeps like she owns the place. Curled on my bed, couch or kitchen table. Silently, dreaming about eating villagers and clawing to death small children.

I rescued Cthulhu in Oct 2016 in the middle of a very difficult time. My morale at work was in a downswing. Life spiraled into disarray and beg for me to join in the despair. I couldn't focus. I had difficulty reading or watching movies. Sleep only became predictable with medication. I was seeking change.

Watching Jaws with Cthulhu The Cat

Dun ta
Dun ta
Dun ta, Dun ta, Dun ta

As I write Cthulhu is staring up at me through the crack in my sectional. Inside that little cat, brain lives something larger and more fierce. Deep between this creatures synapses is a semi-cute serial killer. I've learned to watch out when Her ears point up and she paces around my limbs like a hungry shark.

I'm getting to know Cthulhu's moods. All the various shades of REDRUM.

And, yet I still find myself surprised.