Introducing Culthulu The Best Cat Ever


My life has been exceptionally difficult over the last 6 months. Between tragedy, the blood spilled on the streets of Chicago, and my internal struggle with depression and PTSD I have little energy to write, read and create. I have no plans to stop blogging, but I am going to mix things up a bit. The single greatest joy in my life is the new Culthulu a cat I adopted several months ago. She has been a blast and has been a great boost to my spirits. So, I am going to be sharing some of our adventures here. Somehow this is fitting and we come full circle. Two thoughts. The first philosophy professor I had in college explained philosophy through stories about his cat and Buffy the Vampire slayer. And, somehow it feels like this cat has turned me into a real social worker. A social worker isn't made by the degree but the pet they rescue. Today announces a little bit of a shift, but don't confuse this for an abandonment of my philosophical horror project. My needs, interests, and energy have shifted.

Several months ago, I entered a cat adoption joint. Not really sure what I was looking for. My internet research suggested that a cat's behavior at the shelter is a good sign of it's behavior when you take them home. I paced the shelter eyeing each cat, looking for the one to be my friend. But cats are temperamental creatures, and shelters are the worst. Cats are territorial hunters. They don't next well. After about an hour I found one I liked, she was playing with a toy that was caught under a slide.

The shelter worker spun the tail. Months ago, during a dark and stormy morning, the doorbell rang. Tired eyed and half coffee-ed the shelter worker stumbled towards the door. After the door creaked open the worker found a little weary box on the stop. Smiling she expected the typical feline refugee. Abandoned to the elements. Knotted fur and the trauma fractured eyes of a soldier. She was overwhelmed by what she saw. Blood everywhere and squirming creatures. It appeared as if there was a kitten eating it's way out of another cat. Shaking her head, she focused and reassessed what she saw. This at very moment Culthulu was in labor giving birth to kittens.

And the great ones sighed. Their wait was finally over.

So begins the story of Culthulu.


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