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Introducing Culthulu The Best Cat Ever

Comrades, My life has been exceptionally difficult over the last 6 months. Between tragedy, the blood spilled on the streets of Chicago, and my internal struggle with depression and PTSD I have little energy to write, read and create. I have no plans to stop blogging, but I am going to mix things up a bit. The single greatest joy in my life is the new Culthulu a cat I adopted several months ago. She has been a blast and has been a great boost to my spirits. So, I am going to be sharing some of our adventures here. Somehow this is fitting and we come full circle. Two thoughts. The first philosophy professor I had in college explained philosophy through stories about his cat and Buffy the Vampire slayer. And, somehow it feels like this cat has turned me into a real social worker. A social worker isn't made by the degree but the pet they rescue. Today announces a little bit of a shift, but don't confuse this for an abandonment of my philosophical horror project. My needs, inte