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All Things Interrogated: Frozen 2: I kissed A Girl And I Liked It

When you were watching Frozen did you get the feeling the film was as progressive as it seemed? You are not the only one. Self-proclaimed writer/activist/student and internet personality Alexis Isabel agrees. Which is why she launched the hashtag, #giveelsaagirlfriend. With the slogan, she hopes to leverage the internet and convince Disney to bring Elsa out of the closet. Responding to the controversy liberals and conservatives began slinging mud. On the left, well-meaning liberals are championing outing Elsa's sexual orientation as a step forward for the LGBT community.

Chainsaw Exorcism With Jonathan R. Rose Author of Carrion

My name is Jonathan R. Rose, and while born and raised in Toronto, Canada, for the last five years I have been living in Central Mexico. During my time here, I have learned things that one would never learn within the borders of Canada. I have seen corruption, cruelty, apathy, and callous neglect for the dignity, and well-being of people, and the majority of these things have been inflicted upon them by those tasked with the job of helping them, from police to military to the government itself. Watching these things, and even having them happen to me on several occasions, inspired my writing in a way that uses anger and discontent productively, as I write stories that whether blatantly, or metaphorically show what people are doing to each other, and don't try to mask those horrors with fallacious anecdotes about hope and faith. Why do you write?

Green Room (2016) Vs. SLC Punk - Identity, Authenticity and Revolution

I remember a joke from my youth. A guy asks a punk, “What is punk?” In response, the punk kicked a trash can and said, “that is punk.” The guy then kicks the trash can again and ask, “So this is punk?” “No, you fucking poser!” said the punk.

All Things Interrogated - Is Post-Horror a real thing? And the Tyranny of Choice

Tonight I arrived home from work and sat in front of my Blu-ray and DVD tower. I Scanned the horror movies collected over the last decade. So many choices! A paralyzing amount of choices. Werewolves or Zombies? Vampires or Monsters? Slashers or Exorcisms? And you know what I was caught with a sense of dread. What do I do?

Unboxing the Horror Block April 2016

Good day comrades. Today, I recorded the first YouTube Video for Interrogating Ideology With A Chainsaw!  And I went about a capitalistic as one can get. An unboxing video! Watch as I make a box open. Ta Da!  Horror Block is subscription service that sends you a box of horror stuff every month. Personally, I love the idea of getting creepy presents every month. Check out the video below and be prepared for adorable demons and zombies! #Horrorblock