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Crucible of Horror (1971) Or A Murder A Day Keeps The Ghosts Away

The family is a bizarre institution. Families are where we receive our cultural education, learn to walk, and internalize the rules of the world. At the same time, families are where we receive trauma that leaves us with dysfunctional personality traits and maladaptive behaviors. The family at its core is where we are initiated into the best and the most brutal of what humanity has to offer. The Eastwood family in the film Crucible of Horror is a prime example of the nihilistic potentiality of the family institution. The film centers around a mother and daughter who kill the oppressive father and are haunted by his corpse until the father rematerializes at the end of the film as if nothing happen. Crucible of Horror highlights the difficulty related a revolutionary act of violence, and the specter of the oppressor haunting the revolutionary who is unable to fully commit to her acts.

The Aggression Scale (2012) Or Why Do Boys Stab Others While Girls Stab Themselves?

Aggression scale is a film about trauma. Specifically, coping with trauma by using anger. An unjust event shattered Owen and Lauren’s lives. Mobsters are coming to reclaim money stolen by their father and kill the family for the father’s sins. When the mobsters arrive, Lauren in the shower and Owen is already scheming a plan of attack. What the mobsters do not know is that Owen has a diagnosed behavioral problem. Aggression.