Dear Zombies - I blame the Xbox One

Dear Zombies,

I have been crazy busy. Between the frenzy at work and getting myself an Xbox One for Black Friday, I have had little time for anything else. Additionally, the biggest blight on blogging is that I have been watching TV shows (I.E. Trueblood, True Detective, ect.) And I have not found a way to make writing about TV fun.

On the other hand, the Xbox One has allowed me to run over or smash many, many zombies. I am trapped in a repetitive gore-y carnival of fun.

One of the coolest things that happened last month is that Interrogating Ideology with a Chainsaw recieved honorable mention in a Guardian article. And they would link to our most popular article that analyses the important question, "Do zombies poop?" Personally, I think that is hilarious. I'm proud the writer for having my sense of humor.

Every year I seek course corrections for myself. Once again I have readjusted my blogging calendar and will be trying a couple tweaks to keep the momentum going.

Bring on the scary!



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