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All Things Interrogated: Chicago, Black Friday and Laquan McDonald

The times are strange. The vampire that is capitalism at the highest point of is bloodthirst. Christmas, you know, that one day that drives the economy for the planet is on its way. On the one hand, the blind obedience of the shopper. On the other, the Black Lives Matter protest taking to the streets in the name of Laquan McDonald  seeking justice on the eve of the 2015 shopping season, Black Friday.

III (2016) - Or The Christian Guilt Trip Machine And Internalizing External Causes.

Ayia’s and Mirra’s mother have fallen victim to a plague that came to a small Russian town. The sisters are in a state of despair. The doctor's advice to quarantine and the priests offer of prayer is of little use to the sisters and only angers Mirra. After the mother dies, Mirra develops symptoms of the mysterious plague. Ayia carries Mirra to the home of a priest. In her boredom, she finds a book that talks of a ritual that can cure sickness. The priest explains the ritual is one that requires Ayia to enter into the subconscious of her sister to identify and kill Mirra's greatest fears. These fears, the priest explains, are the cause of Mirra’s sickness. Is this not unlike dark ages medicine where demon’s are thought to possess the sick? What this means is that Mirras’s psychological burdens are responsible for her succumbing to the plague. Ayia’s journey leads her to find three great fears hidden in the darkest pits of Mirra’s mind. She blames herself for her mother

Dear Zombies - I blame the Xbox One

Dear Zombies, I have been crazy busy. Between the frenzy at work and getting myself an Xbox One for Black Friday, I have had little time for anything else. Additionally, the biggest blight on blogging is that I have been watching TV shows (I.E. Trueblood, True Detective, ect.) And I have not found a way to make writing about TV fun. On the other hand, the Xbox One has allowed me to run over or smash many, many zombies. I am trapped in a repetitive gore-y carnival of fun. One of the coolest things that happened last month is that Interrogating Ideology with a Chainsaw recieved honorable mention in a Guardian article . And they would link to our most popular article that analyses the important question, " Do zombies poop? " Personally, I think that is hilarious. I'm proud the writer for having my sense of humor. Every year I seek course corrections for myself. Once again I have readjusted my blogging calendar and will be trying a couple tweaks to keep the momentum g