The Hills Have Eyes 2 (2007) : Review

One more late night trying to get through a horror movie without googling something on my phone. Tonight, I popped in The Hills Have Eyes 2 (Remake). Maybe I was a different person half a decade ago, but I remember liking this film when it came out in theaters. What I remembered was a troop of National Guards folks VS the savage mutants in the hills. But the film plays out like any other slasher where the foreign policy allegory is made abundantly clear as the minorities are stabbed one by one until the last remain whites stumble out into the sunset.

I've started a new thing where I am taking more elaborate notes after each movie. Even breaking things down into five paragraph essay format in order to shoot for clarity when writing. I was left, like the actors in this film, uninspired to dig any deeper into the film. Although, the sets stood out to me. The damp caves didn't have that gritty glow that the sets in the Texas Chainsaw remakes, but nonetheless they had that post 9/11 nihilism shine.

Don't get me wrong bad movies can still make good fodder for philosophy. If that is I can find something to work with. The few notes I took on this film revolved around themes that were fleshed out in the “Original Remake.” Mild manner Americans confronted with an enemy that is out to dismember not only their limbs from their bodies but the nuclear family itself. And the family's descent into savagery in order to survive the night.

The first film took the wimpy gun fearing liberal and turned him into a bonafide republican with a shotgun. The Hills Have Eyes 2, on the other hand, took a soup sandwich national guard platoon and put them up against a cluster of mutants. What bugged me most about this is the absence of the terrorist tactics that the mutants used to torment the family in the first film. The mutants in Hills 2 appeared to just have stumbled upon the soldiers. Boring...

Most of the time I try not to watch bad movies. And if I do find myself confronted with lazy film making I turn off the flick and move on to something else. Sadly today I was a victim of my own curiosity to figure out what I liked about the film in the first place.


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