Dear Zombies 6.28.2015

My life has been frantic in a good way. I've been busy with work and am forgetting to make time for myself and you. My bad. Eat my face.

I have been watching horror stuff on TV lately. Rewatching True Blood and trying to catch up on Hannibal.

It has been crappy for horror this year. I can't really think of anything scary that happened this year.

Seems like horror is getting outsourced to TV.

Personally, I think horror requires a block of time absent of capitalism injections.... errr commercials.

Last week I invested in a surround sound system. I'm hearing a whole new spectrum of screams and things that go bump in films now. I'm looking forward to rewatching some of my favor flicks now with real sound.

I've been thinking on and off about reconceptualizing my blogging plan. I have developed a new system for note taking on movies that I am finding helpful. I created a table on google docs where I'm inputting notes on themes, characters. plot points, and other stuff. This method of not taking seems like it will be easier to develop a set of thoughts for a blog post.

The schedule I have been trying to keep to is a weekly blog post. This has been difficult due to my work schedule and low motivation to write on my part. I'm not going to lie there has been a minimal of neurotic self-consciousness on my part about blogging. It's as if my drive and the pressure I put on myself to write cool posts is crippling my ability to do so.

My plan is to find a plan that works for me.  :b

I think I should return to the drawing on monthly themes for blogging.

I'll hit the dry erase board tonight and see what I can pull off.

What kind of philosophy/political themes in horror movies are you most interested in?


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