Dear Zombies - I just can not catch a break - Solidarity with Baltimore!

Dear Zombies,
I am having a blast at my new job. Driving all over Chicago and meeting tons of great people. Several weeks ago I made a plan to write a post a week and two weeks ago I scheduled time to write. I found a seat to camp out at the local coffee shop and began working on a post. Boom! The screen goes blank on my tablet and won't turn back on. I thought that the battery died but after fiddling with the device I realized that my tablet had committed suicide. After squabbling with Amazon I received a partial reimbursement and was able to buy a new laptop. It arrived today! I am testing it out to write this post!

Before my laptop died I was revising a post I wrote on Scream 4. I should have it published by the end of the week. I am planning to focus my posts during May primarily on war movies, PTSD and of course politics.

I have been trying to catch myself up on the news of the revolt (not riot) in Baltimore. I hope to publish an All Things Interrogated post in the following weeks.

No Justice. No peace.



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