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Dear Zombies - I just can not catch a break - Solidarity with Baltimore!

Dear Zombies, I am having a blast at my new job. Driving all over Chicago and meeting tons of great people. Several weeks ago I made a plan to write a post a week and two weeks ago I scheduled time to write. I found a seat to camp out at the local coffee shop and began working on a post. Boom! The screen goes blank on my tablet and won't turn back on. I thought that the battery died but after fiddling with the device I realized that my tablet had committed suicide. After squabbling with Amazon I received a partial reimbursement and was able to buy a new laptop. It arrived today! I am testing it out to write this post! Before my laptop died I was revising a post I wrote on Scream 4. I should have it published by the end of the week. I am planning to focus my posts during May primarily on war movies, PTSD and of course politics. I have been trying to catch myself up on the news of the revolt (not riot) in Baltimore. I hope to publish an All Things Interrogated post in the follow

Julia (2014) and Socializing Vengeance

There are three ways to make your way out of Trauma. The first is to become oblivious to your own pain by becoming numb. The second is by failing to integrate the trauma you come under the sway of madness.   Lastly   you can find a way to live with yourself. Enjoy your symptoms. Find a way to make sense out of what happened in such a way where you can rekindle your sense of self in the world. The film Julia is about a woman’s journey to return to herself after becoming the victimized by four men. Rather than tell the worn out tale of rage let loose, the film plays with the idea that in order to free yourself from victimization one must   depersonalize   the crime. Think beyond the cruelty that happened to you and strike at the core of the power structures in which reinforced and allow   the continuance of   male supremacy.