Dear Zombies - Running Out of Time, But I Have Hope - Belated Celebration of 2014

Being a grown up is hard. As I mentioned in my last couple posts, I have been on hiatus first due to trying to find the time to write with my previous job, then getting fired from said job because a couple of my fellow coworkers took their personal frustrations out of me via a character assassination. Now I am on my last legs. I have one more month's worth of rent saved and am starting a temp job tomorrow. You'd think a masters degree and over 60 grand worth of education would make adult life all puppy dogs and rainbows.

Oh, but no.

Luckily, I am a crafty dude and feel that I will be able to secure my rent in time for me to become another body for capitalism's meat grinder. I await word from a couple job interviews that were promising and should ideally get this guy back out into Chicago to kick ass and take names.

Nonetheless, every day is full of worry and dread. I can wait with the best of them. I can sit at the DMV all day as long as I have something to read. But to wait on someone else who has no clue how important their answer is to my livelihood is another story altogether.

Maybe I entered life with more idealism. A sense of what the world could be if only it became mindful of its failures and did something abut them.

Yesterday, I took a dry erase marker and wrote, "What must be done?" on my bathroom mirror. The question is as clear as its answer. Anything that can be done must be done. Because the revolution is at stake.

I got so wrapped up in my own drama I forgot to celebrate that Interrogating Ideology With  A Chainsaw completed its first year of publication! I'd like to thank you punks for reading, providing encouragement, ruthlessly attacking me on my spelling/grammar, and the horror business for putting out so many interesting flicks. 2014 was crazy year for me. I fought to complete my masters in Social Work just as hard as the professors tried to find reason to fail me. I blogged liked crazy, writing upwards of 20 posts a month. I read over 150 books in 2014 and just completed my 700th book a couple weeks ago. I started dating met some awesome women. I moved into my apartment. Near singlehandedly carrying every object I own into my apartment. A feat I will not be doing a second time. I've had a good year, in spite of the fascists that have made my life exponentially more difficult than it needs to be.

I'm like a propper adult all of a sudden.

Thanks. You folks rock!


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