Dear Zombies - The hiatus that never ends - What scary stuff have you been watching?

See what had happened was... Over the last couple weeks, I was trying to find a way to schedule some blogging into my week and not feel too drained due to the amount of writing I was doing at work. Somewhere in the middle of this scheming I got fired. And fired on fabricated gibberish because a couple people had personal problems they wanted to project on me. The madness was a bit of a hit to the ego that left me pretty furious. I'm on my way to something better.

Finally settled into my apartment in the city and terrified that I'd go homeless blogging took a back seat to me finding a backup plan. Combing the internet for work and endlessly out online applications for jobs I don't particularly want. After a couple days of scouring the internet for jobs I have a couple interviews lined up.

After I secure a paycheck, again. I promise I will return to the internet and let out some philosophical rants. Altho I took a break from horror to catch up on some TV shows, I will get back on the scary and start working on something soon.

What have you been watching? I find the beginning of the year normally pretty bleakly free of blood and guts. I'm itching for something creepy.


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