10.19.2014 - Got a Job - Blogging

Dear Zombies,

Yay! Halloween is  11 days 6 hours and 33 minutes away! What are you doing for Halloween? I’m too poor for plans this year. Although, everything is changing tomorrow. I am embarking on my first day of wage slavery. That’s right this punk found a job. After over 200 applications and 25 interviews I finally found someone to cut me a check. Tomorrow I start. I will be doing mental health social work in Chicago. Should be fun.  Next week is mostly training and paperwork. At some point over the next couple months I plan on moving to the city. As you might have guess this will impact the blog. I expect to post irregularly for the next month until I get I develop a good flow with working. We shall see.

I had planned to write up a post on Hellraiser today, but I think I’m coming down with a cold. Or maybe just dodged a cold. Whatever it is I have had a difficult time maintaining my thoughts today. Stress, poverty and exhaustion might be catching up with me.

Even though, I probably won’t be doing anything for Halloween I am still excited. The spirit of death and ghouls is in the air. The leaves are falling and my phone is stocked with a bunch of horror punk playlists. I just finished a Saw marathon. A grueling emotional experience to watch them back to back over a week. The films are so hopeless misguided in their plots and ideologies. There is a better movie hiding under the surface. Maybe that was the collector? Haha. I jumped into a Hellraiser marathon his week. I watched the second film last week. The have a great tension to them.
I hate feeling mucky. I feel better tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Films I have been watching.
  • Deliver us from evil - Loved it. Except for the ending. I hate these atheist find faith movies. 
  • Horns - The film was long winded but had a bunch of cool ideas. 
  • Housebound - Mehh...
  • Treehouse - Loved it. Its as if Wrong Turn was turned into a coming of age movie. 
  • Friday the 13th (original) - I'm surprised how likeable this movie is. Every scene is packed with something interesting. 
  • Identity - I hadn't seen this movie in forever. Still feels like a goosebumps book. Cheap and desperate for scares.
  • Hellraiser 
  • Hellraiser 2


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