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Dear Zombies - Wage Slavery and Poor excuses.

I tell you what, commuting to Chicago is exhausting. I'm losing about 3 hours of my day to traffic. I don't see this calming down until I can move into the city. I haven't been watching much horror this week. I did finally burn through the first season of House of Cards. Great to see some Machiavellianism in action! Didn't catch any horror and was too exhausted to write. I expected to write something this weekend. But the best-laid plans got destroyed by poor planning. On to next week, and figuring out a strategy for writing now that I am working. I'm going to shoot for a write up next weekend. Are you watching anything scary?

10.19.2014 - Got a Job - Blogging

Dear Zombies, Yay! Halloween is  11 days 6 hours and 33 minutes away! What are you doing for Halloween? I’m too poor for plans this year. Although, everything is changing tomorrow. I am embarking on my first day of wage slavery. That’s right this punk found a job. After over 200 applications and 25 interviews I finally found someone to cut me a check. Tomorrow I start. I will be doing mental health social work in Chicago. Should be fun.  Next week is mostly training and paperwork. At some point over the next couple months I plan on moving to the city. As you might have guess this will impact the blog. I expect to post irregularly for the next month until I get I develop a good flow with working. We shall see.

Chainsaw Exorcism with Mick Ridgewell about his Horror Novels The Nightcrawler and Evil Never Dies

Earlier on in the week, I interviewed author Mick Ridgewell about his horror novels The Nightcrawler and Evil Never Dies . Be sure to say hello on twitter ! Tell me about yourself and your writing? I first started writing about 10 years ago. I got an idea for a story and proceeded to write 2 pages of utter crap. I decided then and there that writing should be left to those who know how to write. Some time after that I stumbled on Stephen King's On Writing-A Memoir of the Craft. While reading it the idea for The Nightcrawler, my first completed novel came to me. I decided to try again and 2 years later I had a completed draft of my first book. After 6 years of rejections, and many iterations The Nightcrawler released May 2012. Since then I have had Evil Never Dies release Apr. 2014 and the sequel, Evil Unleashed is scheduled for release Dec. 2014.

Chainsaw Exorcism with Lee Majdoub From See No Evil II

Earlier on in the week, I interviewed Lee Majdoub who started in recently released slasher flick See No Evil 2 . Follow up to the WWE production of the same name.   I wanted to start by thanking you for providing your time for this interview. Could you tell us why you got into the movie making business? No problem! Thanks for having me. I was always artistic. Acting was something I had always been drawn to, but I don’t think I was conscious of it when I was younger. I was going through a rough patch, trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, and my sister pushed me to take some acting classes while I was studying engineering in college. I did that, and then got hooked.

HBG: Halloween Blog Carnival - Great American Nightmare Review

I attended Rob Zombie’s The Great American Nightmare last night. The demented trio of haunted house each based off its respective film; Lords of Salem, The Haunted World of El Superbesto, and House of 1000 corpses. I (and my friend) opted for the 36$ ticket which included a tee-shirt and shorter lines. I am also submitting this post as my entry in the Horror Bloggers Guild's Halloween Blog Carnival . Happy Halloween! May you get more tricks then treats this year!

Saw IV (2007), John Carpenter Vs. Rob Zombie, and How Over-contextualizing Kills The Scary Movie

Is Jigsaw not the Jesus of Slashers? The vast majority of previous Slashers required either their own physical embodiment or someone else to don the mask. It always struck me as odd that Jason Vorhees only received his ski mask in the third film. The previous two films used a potato sack with a hole. Of course, we know that capitalism is responsible for what happens next. How could they have marketed a potato sack like a hockey mask? The visage of the Slasher is the motif that solidifies his character and market share. Freddy is an incredible example of how market can’t turn the representation of the most heinous repression of evil into a knickknack. Is there not something odd about the bobble head of a child molester occupying the dashboard of a soccer mom’s minivan? Even Scream, which shares similarities with Saw, used the Ghost face mask to instill a continued market presence, terrorize teens and maintain hegemony to the notion of Ghostface. All the while the Ghostface gave crede

Horror Movie Survival Kit - Sponsored by Man Crates Gifts For Men!

I was contacted by the burly dudes at Man Crates Gifts For Men  who create the testosteroned version of gift baskets. Gone are the easy to open cardboard boxes, wrapping and girlie ribbons, Man Crates are a present you have to unwrap with a crowbar while grunting like a lumberjack. Ahhhhhhh! Luckily the Man Crates asked this dude, the only feminist horror blogger on the internet, what I might put in my crate to survive a horror movie. Horror films have plenty of dangers, and each sub-genre presents its own unique problems. You wouldn’t pack the same stuff to survive a zombie holocaust as you would for an exorcism or alien abduction. A Bible and Holy Water will be no help to you when you are being anally probed. Always the Boy Scout, I think the best thing to do is plan for several scenarios; the 80’s Slasher, Zombie, and Post-9/11 horror movies Uni-Trans-Gender 80’s Slasher Survival Kit 1. Artificial Hymen Repair Kit 2. Purple Eye Shadow 3. Red High Heals 4. Blue Wig 5. Gre

Saw III (2006), Submission to Choice and Does Jigsaw's Game Create Learned Powerlessness?

What would the work look like if we all played by Jigsaws rules? Would we all be cutthroat murders quick to stab our competition in order to survive or overcome our depression, addictions, and poor character? Or would we be like the Stoics, unaffected by travesty, unresponsive to life’s traumas? Let’s saw in to Jigsaw's rationale. Something is terribly wrong with our individual subject experience, due to the easy in which we live our life, when tragedy strikes we mentally shut down and become hopeless. Our wife cheats on us, or our children die, or we over eat and succumb to fatalism. Or as Paul Goodman we have been infected by the ‘nothing can be done disease.” Is our culture predisposed to learned helplessness? Are we all to trained as cogs for the status quo so that when the teeth on our cog break, we go on spinning as if nothing was wrong.

Saw II (2005) Or Does What Does Not Kill Us Really Make Us Stronger?

Jigsaw is wonderful adapt at cognitive dissonance. He hides his true motivations under a Tea Party like Bootstrap ethics, while ruthlessly seeking revenge. In Saw II, Jigsaw has a new partner in crime, Amanda. As we remember, she is the junkie who survived the reverse-bear-trap game in the first film. After winning the game, Amanda is recruited into Jigsaws torture terrorist cell. Following the first film, Amanda is tossed into the game as an observer. Waking up, she promptly contextualizes the rules and rational behind their kidnapping. They are to confront their fears, follow the rules, and potentially survive better for it.

Saw (2004), Games Of Alienation and False Freedom

Jigsaw, on first appearances, is clear about his goals. People have lost the will to survive, and this will to survive is a necessary component we need to overcome life's obstacles – from drug addiction to poor fatherhood. All of humanity's failures are reduced to a matter of will. Jake Huntley points out that the easy (and all to popular) comparison that suggest Jigsaws lifts his ideology from Nietzsche and Darwinism theoretical positions only holds if we ignore what Nietzsche and Darwin actually said. Is not the will to power, Nietzsche the very same Nietzsche that was manipulated by Nazi’s in order to promote racial purity? Is not the survival of the fittest Darwin not really Hubert Spencer’s Social Darwinism? In a similar fashion Jigsaw betrays his own moral foundations. By desperately clinging to willpower as the prime motivator, he fails to incorporate, that is only through the collective will power that true greatness is accomplished. Huntley describes jigsaws traps t