Zombi's Meta-Journal - Where the hell has this dude been?

Dear Zombies,

What a wild month. As I probably did not mention in addition to writing all these wild posts, I am also in ruthless pursuit of employment. The masters in social work I fought tooth and nail for over the last year is not the golden ticket I thought it was going to be. I specialized in community organizing, or rather getting people angry and then getting them in the same room. Problem is most of the social work jobs in the Chicago land area are for boring therapists. Let me cut this long story short to say, I have refocused my time and priorities this week. And my bad for not letting my faithful zombies know what’s what.

Some in the middle of all this I found the inspiration to rally the troops and start a Horror Bloggers Guild.
For more info and to learn how to join:

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Also, we are doing a Halloween Blogging Carnival in Oct:

For the foreseeable future, I will be cutting back to quarter time blogging. I hope to post 1-2 movie analysis’s, 1 All Things Interrogated and 1 Meta journal entry a week. What’s this gibberish you say? In order to vent my frustration about the insanity in the world I have launched a new series I am calling All Things Interrogated which will focus on some injustice in the world. I’m looking at these as controversial polemics. Several months ago, I decided to journal about my blog experience (i.e. things I’ve learned, progress, and goal setting) so I created a separate Blogspot blog for this purpose. I found flipping back and forth between blogs too nutty and merged the journal posts with chainsaw. This should be easier on my sanity, and provide all you awesome readers with a snapshot into my journey. In addition to the journaling part of the journal, these posts will also include some raw thoughts on what I have been watching. This will give me a way to write about films I might have something to say about, but don't an angle for an interrogation.

I am still trucking away at editing my past posts. I am a quarter of the way through May!

Formalities aside. I have been trying to dig through my Netflix quarry and root out all the crappy movies. I’ve purged a list of about 200 movies to about 10. To this end I have also viewed a bunch of terrible movies not worth writing about i.e. Tusk. But I’ve also been spending some time with the 80’s and 90s.

What I have Been Watching: 

  • I don't remember a movie I felt so annoyed during. I would have walked out of the theater and tried my luck at getting a refund if I had gone alone. 
Jacobs Latter
  • PTSD combined with the feel of L. Ron Hubbard’s Fear. Trauma comes to the dude’s life invading his reality in such a way where it is displaced.
The Dead II
  • Indian Zombies! Loved it. I should rewatch this film before writing about it.
Manic Cop
  • Great commentary on cops and abuse of authority. And how we trust the uniform even thought we don’t know what is going on in a cops skull. There might be a great compare/contrast with contemporary cop violence.
I Am Ghost
  • I wasn’t sure where this flick was going at first. But when the crazy train started I was hooked. I need to rewatch this. An analysis on this flick would be rock. 

Alone in the dark (Unrelated to Christian Slater)
  • Crazies escape from the insane asylum. I could do a historical analysis on the transformation of the asylum to the prison. 
Nymphomaniac 1 and 2
  • So much going on in this movies. I took enough notes to write an analysis, but I need to pick a few ideas to focus on. The most interesting would probably be the way the film used stories in association with the objects in the room. Like triggers. And moral of the ending. 
The Zero Theorem
  • Reminds me I should rewatch Brazil. 
Candy Man
  • I had a difficult time focusing on the film. I read a great analysis of this film that made a case about evil white liberalism and its patronizing agenda in the ghetto. There might be more to pull from this. I had a difficult time focusing on the film. I should rewatch.
  • Loved it. Great dynamics between the characters. The twists rocked. Must rewatch
Oldboy (remake)
  • Still in love/hate mode with this film. 
The Pact II
  • Didn’t have the edge of the first film, and felt a little bit too much like scream. But there’s an awesome realism to the film. The decisions people make, make sense (for the most part). The don’t react like the goobers usually stuck in a haunted house movie. 
Monster Squad
  • Hilarious. Very goonies. I can’t believe I missed this movie. I got so wrapped up in the movie I took terrible notes. 
Cam 2 Cam
  • Great commentary on internet relationships. Who are we really beneath the binary? My notes don’t give me much to work on. Could I focus on the preachy dialog? Maybe. 
The Truth about Emmanuel
  • There is something so dark about the plot of this film. Reminded me about how I felt when I watched downloading Nancy. Characters in a land of their own. Nihilistic psychosis. 
  • I had a difficult time focusing on this movie. Beneath the 80’s blah blah blah there is an interesting film.
Near Dark
  • Great campy vampire journey. Loved the evilness of it all. The brood of the demented. 
At the Devils Door
  • I took terrible notes on this movie. I remember like it. Rewatch!
  • Loved this movie. Had a similar vibe as +1 but was doing something different. Oh and the end! What a great example of the act! Very postmodern. Realities sliding into one another and overlapping.


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