Meta-Journal - 9.3.2014 - Blogging Reflections - Mini-Rant on As Above So Below

Dear Zombies,

Booyah! I visited the theater for the first time for about a year and a half. Grad school suckered away a lot of my time, money, sanity and energy over the last year. On top of school, I had no interest in watching many of the movies that hit the big screen. There has simply been a gold mine of films that went direct to video or streaming.

What did I shamble out to see? As Above, So below. I wasn't  really sure what I was walking into. If a movie looks appealing I try to avoid any news about it. What I did have to work with were a couple reviews I skimmed at Bloodydisgusting. I, usually, agree with most of the films that they hype up.

I couldn't help but compare the film to house of leaves. That post modern adventure that seeks to break the rules purposely to disorient and creep out the reader. As Above played the same game. Shifting reality and blending subjectivity and illusion. Materializing creepy yet meanings scary things. I found the ride a lot of fun but the ending was not nearly as tragic as it should have been. If you've seen Descent you may be unpleasantly surprised by some of the creep out and junctions in the narrative. Or at least I was.

I've made a lot of headway on my editing journey. I also started saving copies of the text and links I've used to post on social media in Evernote. This should save me a lot of time in the future when I want to promote past posts. I just need to keep them alphabetized! I reached the point in my posts where I started the Philosophizing The Walking Dead series. I did not realize how ambitious this project was at the time. I've written over twenty posts on The Walking Dead. And they are my some of my most viewed posts. Woot!

I finished zombie month (August)! I did not nearly cover as many movies as I would have liked. Editing my older posts ate into my time. I did take a lot of notes on films, and catch up on unwatched movies that have become clutter-some.

I have got a lot better using my time effectively. I am trying to write or edit no more than two ours a day, avoid wandering and procrastination. I've been pretty good at keeping my eye on the clock as I work on my blog! Progress, Woot! This month I will be writing about movies that focus on Men's issues and will be reading about therapy, psychoanalysis and related material. Hopefully, this will force me to finish the lack book of Lacan lectures that is mocking me from my bookshelf. I think my readings and the themes for this month should play well off each other.

I'd like to do a little reflection on As Above So Below before I roll out. I loved the Indiana Jones feel of the movie but that vibe disappeared in the second half of the film that suggested that many of the events were forced psychosis or some loosening of the wall between subjectivity and reality. Materialized dreams seeking vengeance or visions seeking atonement. While the film did avoid trudging the boring Christological path the structure aligned closely with the Christian algorithm of sin and guilt. This begs a couple nuanced questions that raises from frustrating problems with the narrative. Why exactly would some secret society want to hide a realm or space that effectively forces one to confront their own moral and/or psychological foibles and then reward them for personal transformation? And what the hell does any of this have to do with a philosopher's stone? That object that is supposed to turn stuff into gold. I guess from one angle we could say that the space that the explorers were transgressing was a materialization of the essence of what the philosopher stone is. An object that transform reality because the user wishes this transformation. I was pretty interested at one point in alchemy. It's the pseudoscience of trying to recreate mythical delusions based on the idea that humans have access to or could manipulate some transcendental essence. The atmosphere and sets of the film were pretty solid. Probably my favorite part of the film.


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