Zombi's Meta-Journal Operation: Horror Bloggers Guild, Time Management and Stuff I Watched and Read

I did it. In a burst of inspiration and internet clicking I created a Horror Bloggers Guild Website and Facebook group. I am pretty excited to see what the connections that internet might bring to the group. In the mean time I am sending out recruitment emails to horror bloggers that I have been following. The best and the brightest. The Guild site received a handful of applications last night and I added the blogs to the site. Booyah!

I have still am having difficulties with time management. I started using a kitchen timer app to keep rack of the time I spend blogging. The post I wrote this week took way more time than it should have. I hadn't seen Dead Alive in years. It was good to get my thoughts out on the movie. The timer has helped to keep me focused on what ever task I am working on. I have been able to accomplish more in a shorter time span.

I watched I Am Legend this week. I know there was a lot of whining about the CGI but I don't mind it. Will Smith's performance in the film rocks. I'm still thinking about what I have to say about the movie. The must frustrating aspect of the film to me is the repetition of the boring trope of the suicidal atheist who discovers belief in the last seconds of the movie. This is delusional. I think the aspect of the film I would like to explore is the fantasy that Will Smiths creates in order to function in a world by himself, and how his dogs a fetish object preventing him from truly grieving about his wife and child's death until the dog dies as well.

I also watched 30 Days Of Night, while not a zombie movie, I think it has a very similar structure. The thoughts I had while watching the film related to what drives an oppressed people to desperate terrorist actions. The film presented a series of suicidal gestures, where a character, would do something to distract the vampires while the others run for safety. I think there is an interesting comparison between the War on Terrorism and this film The lead vampire dude utters a couple lines that reinforce a strong parallel to racist patriotism that the United States deployed in service of demonizing and dehumanizing the Arab peoples.

I have passed the half way point on aa amazing book that has me chuckling and cackling out loud. The book is called  Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy: The Many Faces of Anonymous by Gabriella Coleman. I'm learning a lot about the internet I did not know. Look for a review later next week!


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