Zombi's Meta Journal - Writing and Editing - and more Brainz

Dear Zombies,

I wanted to let everyone know that editing my past posts has eaten into my blogging time. Hence, I’m writing less new stuff. Good news is that I am burning through editing. I have reworked and edited posts from January and February. I will begin editing March posts today.

Why all this editing? Unlike most of the internet blogs out I’m thinking about Interrogating Ideology With A Chainsaw like writing a dissertation. If you are unfamiliar with the process it involves a lot of editing and reworking ideas. I plan to rework blog posts on an ongoing basis. I hope this accomplishes two things. 1st stronger blog posts with more solid arguments. 2nd even more snazzy content for you to read.
In that spirit, I would love your help. If you have any feedback on a post, please comment and let me know what you think.

I’ve crossed the half-way point in zombie/Marxism month! I’m pretty happy with the way most of the posts turned out. Specifically 28 Days Later and my latest Walking Dead post. I’ve started running all my posts through two editing websites: Paper Rater and Language Tool. Between the two sites they catch many editing mistakes I most frequently miss. I also switched from Libreoffice to Word 2013 and ditched Windows Live Writer entirely. I found libreoffice too time consuming to use and its editing coding missed a lot of what word catches. Windows Live Write has the same problem.
I have been thinking about a way to create a new series. My previous attempts flopped, but I’m still gonna work on it. Writing a schizoanalysis film philosophy from scratch is super difficult. What I would like to do is start a once a week series tackling current events. Focusing on one injustice or another. The inspiration for this is coming out of my rabid anger about shit hitting the fan in Ferguson and similar outrageous headlines. My plan is to write fire-y and controversial polemics about the topics. I’m still trying to figure out a good title. I was thinking: Horror of The Nation, but I’ll probably cover a lot of foreign politics. So that might send mixed signals. Continuing to play off NPR, maybe: All Things Interrogated. Actually I really like the second one. I need to do a couple things to make this successful:
• Create a weekly schedule
• Research editorial writing
• Start collecting prompts (Started already. I’m using flipboard)
Quick update on the Horror Bloggers Guild: I sent out a bunch of recruitment emails and messages. As of today there are 15 members, and I expect more by the end of the month. Many have joined the Facebook group. We have started discussing doing an event for October. More news about that in the future.


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