Interrogating: F-you (Sex Addiction.. It's Not What You Think)

F-you (sex addiction... it's not what you think) is a pretty provocative title for a book about sex addiction (the title might not have been the best choice), you'd think the author would have went for something with more empathy and less punch. Nonetheless, I went into this book with just the information on the cover and my interest to learn more about sex addiction. One of the key incites into what this book is about is located on the copyright page where it is stated that the book is a work of fiction, but there are no lies in it. Had I not noticed this line I may not have been keyed into fictional basis for the following 40 vignettes. 

F-you begins with a brief introduction about the concept of sex addiction then jumps into a series of 40 vignettes. Each vignette is titled with a male or female name which and followed by the statement, “Hello, my name is X and I am a sex addict.” Jumping from the first person perspective to the story is told about a fictional character's struggle with one or another variety of sex addition. The journey that Nick Saint Clair takes us on deeply covers a vast gauntlet of human tragedy and sexual compulsion. The vignettes are written well and step outside the cardboard cutout characters that were part of many of the endless stream of vignettes that were part of my education. Clair also handles several difficult topics by providing clear incite into the internal struggles and psychology of sex addiction.

While I found the book to be informative, I also found it to be emotionally draining. Even though the stories were functional they were filled with very human struggles that are made easy to empathize with. On this note, one of the reasons why I didn't get involved with drugs in my personal life was because I watched Requiem of a Dream when I was in high school. While the story is fictional the descent into a the very real horror of addiction and bad decisions made a visceral impression upon me. I took F-You in the light of a set of stories gear towards showing the horror of the sex addicts experience.

I'd recommend this text to helping professionals or others who are interested in getting a deeper insight into the subjective experience of sex addiction. The book does not provide much in the way of clinical data or science, but what it lacks in evidence based practice it makes up in brute force.


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