Chainsaw Exorcism With Lance Barnwell and His Dark Poetry Collection Dereliction

 Tell me about yourself and your writing?

As a teenager I was an avid reader of sci-fi/horror and also tried to write my own 'fantasy' tales, none of which came to any kind of constructive conclusions. My writing was enthusiastic, but of no great quality and soon became non-existent when I left school and had to earn a living. I carried on reading horror stories by the likes of Stephen King and James Herbert, but not as avidly as I had done in my teenage years.

It wasn't until my mid forties that I was challenged by a friend to try my hand at poetry - so I gave it a go. I enjoyed the process and produced a finished piece of work that was met with approval from my friend. With my love of horror I inevitably started to write 'dark' poetry.

Why do you write? 

I write for fun, I enjoy producing something from nothing. If others like what I come up with then that's a bonus.

What’s the process like? What inspired you to write Dereliction?

The process varies; some poems I can't write down quick enough, others torture me for weeks. One poem took two or three years to finally finish and was virtually unrecognizable from what I had originally written. The ghostly tales in 'Dereliction' are inspired by places I've worked in, or been to. Some of the other poems are my personal observations of the rapacious need of the human race. A couple of the poems came from dreams I had.

What about writing makes you feel powerful?

The most powerful thing about writing is gaining the plaudits of others for a piece of work that you've produced. It's a bit egotistical, but you know you've done something most people can't do.

Are your poems scary? What’s it like writing scary parts?

Are my poems scary? It depends on who is reading them I suppose. I guess I like to make whoever might be reading one of my poems feel uncomfortable. It's very enjoyable writing scary parts, if you can get it right.

What is atheist poetry? 

Some of my poetry has atheist content because I'm an atheist. I don't question the existence of a god, because there isn't one; I question why people need the comfort of a fictitious superhuman.

What did you learn about yourself while writing the book?
Whilst writing 'Dereliction' I discovered that I was quite close and comfortable with my 'dark' side.

What might readers learn about themselves?
Readers should not learn anything about themselves through my poetry - if they're fans of horror they should just enjoy the poems for what they are. My main aim is to entertain, not freak anyone out... well not too much.

Where can readers go to find out more about your writing?
'Dereliction' is available at Amazon (ebook & paperback)
You can find my latest poetry on my website


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