Interrogating Knock 'em Dead: Secrets and Strategies for First-Time Job Seekers By Martin Yate

A week ago I received an email about, a job position. The job sounded great and was exactly what I was looking for. I took a short break from writing my last grad school paper ever (!) and responded to the email. I snagged an interview for the following day. I was already associated with the organization so the interview was less formal and I didn't second guess wearing jeans as my first option. All sorts of cocky I walked into the interview without a plan! Most of the interview went fine, but there were a couple questions that I was not prepared for. Primary, "Do you have the "it factor" that is needed to be a community organizer?" Of course, the instant I walked out of the interview hind sight delivered clarity! Hell yes I do!

I read a great book about job hunting, interview getting, and job winning called Knock 'em Dead: Secrets and Strategies for First-Time Job Seekers by Martin Yate. Don't let the subtitle fool you, second or third time job seekers will still benefit from this book. The job hunting skills may be second nature to those in fields where they have to sell themselves to others to complete projects, but for most jobs getting skills are only useful until you get hired. Yates argues a great point that job seekers shouldn't blind themselves with their dreams, but uses jobs to gather skills and experience for getting the job you want. Overall, Yate delivers a solid survey of all the important job getting bases; resume writing, networking, interviewing, and the attitudes need to impress those punks who will cut us a check.

The chapter that stood out to me was about what you should do after an interview. The focus was on using a ruthless persistence to keep yourself in the minds of the person who has the power to hire you, or the people who can influence the person who can hire you. Yates suggests a set of pragmatic tactics that I plan on incorporating into my job hunt.

I think this book is a quick, easy read that delivers practical and useful information for the contemporary job seeker. The book also has a companion website that has resources and documents to smooth the job hunt.


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