Chainsaw Exorcism With Debbie Moffitt and the Book That Tells Her Chilling Story: A Deadly Haunting Authored By Joie Albrecht

I recently had the opportunity to interview Debbie Moffitt. The Moffitt family experienced a set of haunting which began in 1987. A Deadly Haunting tells the terrifying haunting of the Moffitt family by Mr. Entity. 

Could you tell me about yourself and A Deadly Haunting

Everyone that experienced the haunting except my three children and myself have passed away. I am grateful my children were just babies when it occurred. I decided to have a book written about the haunting when my husband passed away in 2013. For over 20 years we had hid what had happened to our family. We never even spoke about it among ourselves. When Mr. Entity left ,we did not want him to come back so we destroyed everything that had to do with him. At least that is what I thought. For years we had taken photos of his messages and all his destruction. When I was cleaning out the closet after my husband's death I found that he had saved over 100 pictures and their negatives. Looking at all those pictures bought back a lot of memories, memories that I wanted to share. I wanted people to know what happened. I was tired of hiding it. I too had kept a few items from the haunting. Mr. Entity had apported a 200 year old spear head from the Belgian Congo for us to use in a blood ritual he demanded. I had put the spear away and saved it along with several gifts that Mr. Entity had given me. I discussed what had happened with my children and we decided to have a book written.

Did you learn why Mr. Entity was haunting your family? What is the relationship between the Congo and Mr. Entity?

Mr. Entity was after my mother-in-law. He wrote that she was promised to him in a past life and so now she belonged to him. I never found out what the relationship is with the Congo. I also never found out really what the triangle with the tail meant. You seem to be very into the paranormal. Have you ever come across his symbol before? I have so many questions about the haunting that have never been answered.

What about having your story told makes you feel powerful?

Although I did not write A Deadly Haunting, it is based on a time in my life when I felt almost powerless. Having the book written gives me back my power. Just talking about my experience makes a difference. It is like you have had a gag on and now it is off. I control my life, not an invisible entity.

What did you learn about yourself as you were working with the author to write A Deadly Haunting? What might your readers learn about themselves? 

What I learned about myself while helping to write this book was that what I experienced changed my life. Once you are truly touched by the supernatural you can never go back the way you once were. Until I made the notes for Joie, I didn't realize how much I had been affected. I look at things differently then I did before Mr. Entity. I once thought were make believe. I know now they are real.

I’ve seen a lot of movies involving ghosts. The laymen’s advice seems pretty cut and dry. Run away, or call a priest! What are your suggestion for people who find themselves haunted?

We tried both. The priest ran way and Mr. Entity moved with us when we relocated. All I can tell people who are experiencing haunting s or demon attacks is to not be embarrassed or afraid of people will think they are crazy. Tell people and ask for help. There are always going to be people who don't believe you, but they are always going to be people who do and who can help you cope. Don't go it alone.

Where can readers go to find out more about your story?

You can go to, Facebook, or Twitter and hear about the book. You can now order it on Amazon for an ebook or printed copy. The book is now available on Amazon. It will be available for all other forms of ebook in about a week. 


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