I (izombiheartzoey) am self-taught philosopher, and psychoanalysis. I enjoy writing about and analysis horror movies. Nightmares are similar to horror movies in a lot of ways. They are scary and they have hidden meanings. Your nightmares gives me a window into your unconscious and your personal horrors, allowing me to open up why you are experiencing the scary.

I see nightmare analysis and an opportunity to give you another perspective on their dream. I have a unique intellectual background that helps me deconstruct and re-construct what your dream may mean. I haven't had many dreams let alone nightmares for most of my life, so I enjoy the opportunity to read and think through the dreams of others.

P.S. Dear internet. I am a poor college student, that enjoys writing about scary things. Please consider giving a gratuity to support my DIY philosophy. I will analysis all nightmares gratuity or no gratuity. Don't worry I won't spit in your dreams. 

Nightmare Analysis
Zainab Ali's Nightmare
Cassandra Sechler's Nightmare

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