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Who are you? 
Hiya. My name is Squid XIII is a U.S Navy Veteran and self-taught painter, photographer, philosopher, blogger, and general purpose creator who explores several mediums. I write, paint and create to offset the symptoms of my PTSD and Depression. After I was honorably discharged from the Navy in 2007 philosophy became my best friend. I'd show up early to classes and read. I churned through all the heavy hitters of philosophy in a couple years. Along the way, I was catching up on all the scary movies I missed while serving. What I didn't know at the time was that philosophy and movies were helping me cope with the chaos in my mind. Philosophy allowed me to think more critically and adapt to the civilian world and horror movies allowed me to process traumatic. In 2014 I combined both passions and started my blog, Interrogating Ideology with a Chainsaw. Since then my interests changed, I adopted a cat and started painting, moved from Chicago to Detroit, so my blog changed as well. 

What do you do exactly?
My blog, Interrogating Ideology With a Chainsaw, covers horror movies, philosophy, political theory, psychology, mental health, Cthulhu the cat and other stuff I care about. Most of my writing touches on issues like trauma, social theory and ideology, what the closet monster is really about, and the last thing my cat chewed apart. Although philosophical writing is intended to persuade people, I'm more interested in giving people tools to see deeper themes in movies and hopefully their lives. (Don't just watch Hunger Games, like you aren't already in the matrix.) I aspire to be bombastic, exploratory, radically nuanced, and honest in my writing. As Socrates once said, philosophy isn't one of that democratic conversation where each player's words are given equal weight. We take the risk of truth. (quoted to the best of my memory) My writing is often personal because writing and art are my best outlets

Besides my blog, which has been active for almost four years, I paint, take photos and work on numerous creative projects

How do you know about all these things?
I have a masters in social work. I have years of experience as a writer, philosopher, community organizer, counselor, and advocate for military veterans and mental illness. I read constantly and learn a lot from the people around me. I hope to never stop learning.

How often do you post?
It really varies. I do my best to make sure good ideas happen. When they're not happening, I can't force them. I would rather take more time to write a carefully considered post than churn out something hasty and lacking in nuance. Usually, I write between 2 and 10 posts per month, with an average 6. Regardless, I will post a weekly update here so that you know what I'm thinking about, learning about, and working on. 

Notice: blogging may be unexpectedly delayed due to cat.

I’m generally not great at making a list of my favorite posts or anything like that, but currently I’m most proud of this onethis onethis onethis one, and this one. If you want to get an idea of what my writing is all about, check those out.


In January 2018, I started a Patreon to help me support myself and motivate myself to write. Everyone who contributes at least $5 per post gets publicly thanked here
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"A personal favorite." - The Guardian  
"I really like your style of writing and digging into the heart of horror. It is something the Horror Community needs. It sort of brings it to life." Zainab Ali - The Nightmare Nook Blog

"Interesting. Well written. I don't see any obvious logical flaws." -EvilJ
"I appreciate sites and blogs that are not JUST about how much gore was in a movie or book" - Fragmented Fears
"I've read a few of your articles now and I've got to say, these are really interesting. Horror movies aren't something I watch very often at all, but it's really cool to see someone break them down. That's something that I think a lot of people miss when they just call horror films mindless slashfests. Granted, a lot of them are, but that's not to say that there aren't still enough that have a lot more going on than just gore underneath the surface." - Austin Richardson
"I'm diggin' your blog. Really interesting." -Ashley
"Love your site!" - A.Giacomo
"How do you manage to write so prolifically? Does your method involve unspeakable rites? My faculty frowns on unspeakable rites." - Etienne


  1. Finally, a kindred spirit. Intelligent horror, and doesn't it take a woman....

  2. Thanks. Personally I prefer the phrase Horror Intelligentsia. It sounds more menacing! I'm curious. What doesn't it take a woman to do?


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