Monday, April 25, 2016

The Aggression Scale (2012) Or Why Do Boys Stab Others While Girls Stab Themselves?

Aggression scale is a film about trauma. Specifically, coping with trauma by using anger. An unjust event shattered Owen and Lauren’s lives. Mobsters are coming to reclaim money stolen by their father and kill the family for the father’s sins. When the mobsters arrive, Lauren in the shower and Owen is already scheming a plan of attack. What the mobsters do not know is that Owen has a diagnosed behavioral problem. Aggression.

Monday, January 4, 2016

All Things Interrogated: Chicago, Black Friday and Laquan McDonald

The times are strange. The vampire that is capitalism at the highest point of is bloodthirst. Christmas, you know, that one day that drives the economy for the planet is on its way. On the one hand, the blind obedience of the shopper. On the other, the Black Lives Matter protest taking to the streets in the name of Laquan McDonald seeking justice on the eve of the 2015 shopping season, Black Friday.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

III (2016) - Or The Christian Guilt Trip Machine And Internalizing External Causes.

Ayia’s and Mirra’s mother have fallen victim to a plague that came to a small Russian town. The sisters are in a state of despair. The doctor's advice to quarantine and the priests offer of prayer is of little use to the sisters and only angers Mirra. After the mother dies, Mirra develops symptoms of the mysterious plague. Ayia carries Mirra to the home of a priest. In her boredom, she finds a book that talks of a ritual that can cure sickness.

The priest explains the ritual is one that requires Ayia to enter into the subconscious of her sister to identify and kill Mirra's greatest fears. These fears, the priest explains, are the cause of Mirra’s sickness. Is this not unlike dark ages medicine where demon’s are thought to possess the sick?

What this means is that Mirras’s psychological burdens are responsible for her succumbing to the plague. Ayia’s journey leads her to find three great fears hidden in the darkest pits of Mirra’s mind. She blames herself for her mother's death, She was raped by her stepfather and blames herself, and her greatest fear is losing her sister.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Dear Zombies - I blame the Xbox One

Dear Zombies,

I have been crazy busy. Between the frenzy at work and getting myself an Xbox One for Black Friday, I have had little time for anything else. Additionally, the biggest blight on blogging is that I have been watching TV shows (I.E. Trueblood, True Detective, ect.) And I have not found a way to make writing about TV fun.

On the other hand, the Xbox One has allowed me to run over or smash many, many zombies. I am trapped in a repetitive gore-y carnival of fun.

One of the coolest things that happened last month is that Interrogating Ideology with a Chainsaw recieved honorable mention in a Guardian article. And they would link to our most popular article that analyses the important question, "Do zombies poop?" Personally, I think that is hilarious. I'm proud the writer for having my sense of humor.

Every year I seek course corrections for myself. Once again I have readjusted my blogging calendar and will be trying a couple tweaks to keep the momentum going.

Bring on the scary!


Monday, October 26, 2015

Friday The 13th (1980) - What Good Is A Hockey Mask Over A Disfigured Face?

What is Jason Vorhees without his mask? In Part I “he” is his mother. A lurking first-person presence. In Part II Jason plays his own lurking presence seeking revenge more over his mother’s death than being neglected by camp counselors. In Part III, Jason nonchalantly picks up a mask off a porch and carries this mask through 8 subsequent films. The remake even opts to skip the mother as the killer back story and jump straight into the hockey mask.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Chainsaw Exorcism with Nicholas Ryan Author of Zombie Novel Dead Rage

Tell me about yourself and your writing?

I am an Australian author. I have always enjoyed reading action adventure books, and have had a long-time fascination with horror (especially movies). I write zombie/apocalyptic novels because I see it as the perfect way for me to be able to blend my two interests to create compelling action thrillers that have an emphasis on vivid descriptions and plenty of frights!

Why do you write?

I enjoy the challenge of creating. Writing for me is a way to stretch and develop my imagination.

+ 1 (2013) or Happily Ever After Unto Death

+1 is a party film trapped in a time paradox. Glowing alien rocks have crashed landed in anywhere, American suburbia making powerlines glow and teenagers ratchet up their angst. In the middle of the chaotic pile sweaty-drunk teenagers, David is on a mission to save his relationship.

In a misguided attempt to surprise his beloved, David made the mistake of kissing a girl who resembled his girlfriend. When Jill walked in on this scene, seeing her boyfriend suckface with her rival, something more was unlocked than betrayal. The shock of betrayal widened her view of the relationship as a whole. David was revealed as more than just a dirt bag, he was also dead weight holding her back from achieving her potential. What that potential is, we will never know.

Natural Born Killers (1994) or We Are Not God’s Gift To Earth – We Are Natural Born Killers.

Natural born Killers shows us to see the other side of the coin. Our humanness, and what is naturalized in killing, is more human than natural. To be human is to step apart and outside nature. We, humans, distinguish ourselves as more than nature. Somehow more conscious or self-aware in such a way that we can reject our basic foundations of our own absurdity. We are not God’s gift to earth – we are natural born killers.

Our humanness is not unlike I Love Lucy radically fabricated. Every crevice of our day is oversaturated with social cues. From the instructions on a hand dryer in a bathroom to the stop lights in our daily commute. Signs order mandatory compliance, not unlike the applause sign that flashes in a live sitcom. Laughter, while potentially coming from an authentic place, is instigated for the sake of the sitcom-machine.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Dear Zombies - Something New This Way Crawls

Dear Zombies,
Truth be told - I have been watching a lot of TV shows over the last month and after deciding to abandon writing about every walking dead episode I revisited my scheming. I developed a new template to take notes on movies that has been amazingly helpful. The form gives me a bunch of kick off points to write in a more focused and fun way. I hope to have an article online today or tomorrow.

Blogging is all about finding a rhythm that makes sense, which has been a struggle for me. I'll figure something out eventually. Anyway, I'm off to write.

Stay Scary,

Monday, August 31, 2015

Philosophizing The Walking Dead S3E12 Clear and Unpresent Danger

Welcome to our journey into the guts of The Walking Dead. What kind of journey? A philosophical, psychoanalytical and political kind. What I would like to do over the next couple months is dig through the Walking Dead episode by episode to see what it can teach us. Thank you for following me on this journey. I look forward to reading your comments. Be forewarned: There are spoilers everywhere. Don’t forget to check out my previous post in the Philosophizing TWD series:
Philosophizing The Walking Dead S3E11 I Ain't No Judas and Liberalism = Paternalism

Rick and company (Carl and Michonne) pass a hitchhiker screaming for help early in this episode. Rather than stop, confront or help the stranger, Rick continues driving. Leaving the desperate dude to fend for himself. Why, when Rick has gone so far out of his way to help those in need, does he abandon the hitchhiker without flinching? Is it just paranoia on Rick’s part or is there something else going on? The mission of the trip is to collect guns in order to prepare for war with Woodbury, yet this conflict is the normal state Rick and the survivors have been in since the beginning.