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IT (1990) - The Ontology of Clowns, Balloons and the Bloody Sink

We all know that the most common form IT takes is Pennywise. A pale faced clown with red hair and an oversized forehead. But, what is the it of IT? Below I will explore the ontological fabric of Pennywise the Dancing Clown. What frame work supports Pennywise’s existence? How does this support operate in the subject to maintain the continuation of the clown’s presence?

The word “it” is a third person pronoun that captures the spirit of Pennywise. An entity who exists only in so far and to the extent that it is believed in. In this sense, he is wholly dependent on his victim for his power. Pennywise’s sensory intrusions, bloody photos, bloody sinks, balloons, sever to shake the ideological fabric of the victim.

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